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Galilee's Delicacy represents the personal success stories of dozens of families and producers who have been investing their amazing talents and knowledge passed on from generation to generation to produce excellent Galilean products.

Our Galilee's Delicacy products are made of fresh materials grown in the Galilee, a region known for its unique geological, climatic, and cultural characteristics. This remote, quiet, and peaceful area is a meeting point of many cultures, people, and religions. Farmers and artists of all walks of life are living in this area surrounded by luscious green expanses. They enjoy the clear flowing water, feast their eyes on untamed vistas, visit ancient holy places, and walk along quaint streets and alleys. The region is also known for its lush fields and vineyards, oil-presses that have been used since ancient times, and traditional farms.

In this atmosphere of co-existence, tolerance, openness and understanding between cultures, Galilee's Delicacy creates its unique artisan products in partnership with local small and medium-sized producers and farmers with various traditions and religions to contribute to the unique Galilean cuisine. We always welcome new members joining our community with open arms!


It is Galilee's Delicacy mission to spread the magic of the Galilee across the world and provide employment in the peripheral areas, including integrating employees
with special needs.


The Israel Tennis & Education Centers (ITEC) focus with their education programs on supporting 'peripheral' populations. The ITEC strives to inspire the younger generation to better themselves and contribute to society. Sharing the same moral values and sense of community, the connection between Galilee’s Delicacy and the ITEC is a natural and great fit. Both entities emphasize perseverance and hard work, the value of life, and embody ideas that go even deeper than just delivering great results or products. Both of them represent a way of life that inspires its members to be better players or producers and therefore, better individuals.

Once you decide to become part of the change, you can choose one of the available membership options! In return, you will receive a monthly package with delicious Galilee's Delicacy products.

But that’s not all!

It’s first and foremost about your contribution to the ITEC, your support to special needs populations, and you to create new employment opportunities in the peripheral areas.

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