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After tasting these delicacies, you’ll find yourself making spontaneous trips to Israel’s northern region on every possible occasion

The Galilee’s, is home to premium and gourmet quality foods, produced by local,boutique manufacturers. Rustic, fragrant and homey, Galilee cuisine and the Galilee region restaurant scene pay respectful tribute to the ground that is their source, while also being healthy and great for overall wellness. And, when considering that “made in the Galilee” eats contribute to the development of industries and creation of jobs for people of all cultures, religions and walks of life who come together to till the soil and leverage its products, eating Galilee bites is even more satisfying than before!

Here are 7 of the Galilee’s most acclaimed restaurants, where you can taste true, authentic Galilee delicacies on every plate:

#1 - Decks, Tiberias

Located right on the Sea of Galilee, Decks is a concept restaurant renowned for using ancient roasting methods to prepare fresh meat, fish and locally-sourced produce. Charcoal-grilled, all of the items on Decks’ menu are smoky and grilled to perfection. The restaurant is open during the week from 12 noon until the last customer, on Fridays from 12 noon until the start of the Sabbath and on Saturday night from the end of the Sabbath until 11:30 PM.

#2 - Luiza, Metula

Set in the heart of picturesque Metula, Luiza is a boutique Italian restaurant that magically transports you to the European countryside and serves up the best of the world’s diverse cuisines: Italian, French, Middle Eastern and traditional homestyle. Sampling the rich weekend breakfasts, complete with homemade jams, from within the aged stone house, or the romantic patio, is an unforgettable experience. Be sure to reserve a table in advance - this is one popular northern eatery! Open Mondays through Saturdays from 10:00 AM until the last customer.

#3 - HaBikta, Moshav Ramot

If you’re looking for a chef restaurant that provides a warm, intimate atmosphere, HaBikta is right up your alley. An actual wooden cabin (Bikta in Hebrew), the eatery serves up meaty comfort food, such as their slow-cooker meat and potatoes, warm lentil and sweet potato salad and smoked chicken breast. Dining as a group? Try one of the multi-diner platters - they’re as generous as they’re divine. The restaurant is open Sundays through Thursdays between 1:00 PM and 10:00 PM, and is closed on the weekend.

#4 - Michael Local Bistro, Liman

Another premium eatery conceived by chef Michael Grotofsky, the mastermind behind the world-famous Herbert Samuel restaurant, Michael Local Bistro is a destination restaurant that honors quality local ingredients. The menu scrupulously yet flexibly varies in line with seasonal yields, and only utilizes the best, premium proteins and produce. From the sourdough bread with fresh tomato salsa & marinated olives, to the salt-cured Spanish mackerel with wild herbs, potatoes & labaneh cheese, homemade gnocchi with hanger steak, mushrooms & parmesan, and more, Michael Local Bistro never disappoints! Visit Michael Local Bistro at HaGefen 43 in Liman. For updated opening hours, call 972-53-9443089.

#5 - El Tanur, Upper Nazareth

Quality restaurant food… at a gas station? El Tanur restaurant is all that - and more. Located in Upper Nazareth, this restaurant adheres to the style and design of traditional Arabic eateries, but takes its food to the next level. A plethora of salads that are as bright and fresh as they are succulent. Kubeh, ribs and knafeh that do not fail to impress, and more. Their many lamb dishes are particularly impressive. For opening hours and additional information, contact El Tanur at 04-6014664.

#6 - Magdalena, Migdal

Magdalena is a chef restaurant located at the Migdal Junction on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. The restaurant and its menu impressively integrate art and flavor, creating stunning and salivating Middle Eastern-inspired dishes that one can truly appreciate. The Shishbrak - dumplings stuffed with lamb and pine nuts and coated with goat yogurt is particularly popular. But the Black Sea Risotto (calamari, shrimp, scallops, & mussels with fennel sauce) and the FAKHR AL-DIN Kebab (tomato stew, fried eggplant, Lebanese tortilla on the grill, herbs & raw tahini) are what bring the influences of the Mediterranean Sea and Lebanon to life, and keep bringing diners back for more. Open daily between noon and 5:00 PM, and 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

#7 - 1910, Kibbutz Degania

Named after the year during which the Kibbutz it is located on was founded, 1910 brings the rolling greens and warm vibe of the Italian countryside to northern Israel. The restaurant serves fresh, warm and tasty eats that are handmade and seasonally modified. Wood-burning oven pizzas, hand-rolled pasta drenched in comforting sauces, classic gnocchi with asparagus and chestnuts, bass with green risotto and labaneh, and more. This is the perfect restaurant for an intimate gathering, a romantic date, or even a quiet feast for one.Call 04-660-8565 for opening hours.

Bottom line

The Galilee is home to several premium restaurants, that honor local tradition, produce and the lush environment in which it is cultivated, creating truly remarkable dining experiences. Want to bring the fresh, quality Galilee foodie experience to your dining room table?

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