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Galilee’s was established to supply consumers with the delicious delicacies produced by small
and medium food businesses in Israel’s Galilee region. Representation and support, from their
fields, to your plate.

Our Vision

At Galilee’s, our vision is simple: to provide consumers with the best, high-quality, healthy, natural
boutique products that the Galilee region has to offer. We seek to unify the sources of fresh food products grown in the fertile and rich mineral soil of the Galilee, by partnering with local small
and medium producers and famers hailing from a range of cultures and religions, and even
integrating people with special needs. Together, we form a magical fabric of co-existence and
inclusion, capable of delivering superior, wholesome delicacies from the sublime Galilee region to
consumers across the globe.

The Magical Galilee Region

Galilee's delicacies are produced in the Galilee region, an area known for its unique geological,
climatic, cultural and social characters. This remote, quiet and peaceful place is also an
intersection of cultures, people and religions. Here, farmers and artists of all walks of life live
amid rich, green expanses, flowing water, wild landscape, ancient holy places, curved alleys, lush
fields and vineyards, oil-press and farmer yards.
Our significant asset – our small and medium producers and farmers who hail from the Galilee –
enable us to bring the magic of the Galilee to the world.

Our Producers

At Galilee’s, our products, highlight the authentic, personal stories of dozens of families and
producers who bravely leverage much talent, knowledge and years of experience passed from
generation to generation to produce excellent Galilean products.
Their love for the Galilee sparked centuries ago and has since only continued to grow. Their
stories of how they and their ancestors settled this magical, fertile region is the story of a dream,
one of hard work, encounters with Galilean raw materials, living in the bosom of the earth and
tranquility, and ultimately, fulfillment

Our Mission

We seek to build a strong platform that connects boutique producers from the Galilee region with
consumers worldwide. This, so that we can deliver new and healthier products from the magical
region – Galilee, from our producers’ fields, to our consumers’ plates.

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